Soundtrack: Five Feet Apart

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Note: Below is a complete playlist of all 18 songs that can be heard in the movie “Five Feet Apart”. Some of these commercial songs are not included on the official soundtrack album, but are used in the movie.

All 18 songs featured in “Five Feet Apart”:

Song:Listen on:
N - iamamiwhoami
Scene: Stella and her friends are sitting in her room.
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Fascination - The Beaches
Scene: Second song: Stella and her friends sit in her room.
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A Bushel and a Peck - Frank Loessner
Scene: Abby sings this song before Stella is operated. / Will also sings this song.
Medicine - Daughter
Scene: Stella has her surgery for her new lungs.
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The District Sleeps Alone Tonight - Birdy
Scene: Stella is sorting her meds.
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Roadblock (Six Weeks) - Atta Boy
Scene: Stella is going through the hospital. She is on the infant ward.
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& On & On & On - Born Ruffians
Scene: Will is on the roof. Stella is disappointed that he does not stick to his treatment.
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To Let Go - Jozy
Scene: Will and Stella talk to each other via video chat.
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State Lines - Novo Amor
Scene: The gastrostomy probe is infected. Stella needs surgery. Will asks Stella why she missed her treatment.
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My Baby Just Cares for Me - Kate Davis
Scene: After the surgery: Stella gets out of bed and gets ready to see Will.
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Up, Up & Away - Chance Peña
Scene: Stella, Will and Poe have a fight. They talk to each other more.
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Wait - M83
Scene: Stella is at Will's door.
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Pluto (Instrumental) - Sleeping At Last
Scene: Stella and Will meet for their date in the atrium.
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Shallows - Daughter
Scene: During the date: Stella and Will go to the pool.
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Aftermath - Caravan Palace
Scene: Song can be heard at the surprise party for Will.
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Anchor - Novo Amor
Scene: At the end of the film: Stella lies in bed looking at a drawing of Will.
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Don't Give Up on Me (From "Five Feet Apart") - Andy Grammer
Scene: Will's birthday party. Credits.
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Bandolera (feat. Franky Monroy) - Fragancia
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The original score of “Five Feet Apart” includes 20 songs by the film composer “Tim Williams”.

Song:Listen on:
Five Feet Apart2:53
Hello World1:51
I Know2:53
Falling Further2:47
Love Blooms3:30
Hide and Seek3:25
On My Watch3:32
Where Are They?2:19
Human Touch2:52
Bigger Than Us2:25
Rooftop Perspective2:02
Code Blue5:18
Not Your Fault2:24
Snow Angel2:10
Will and Stella2:37
The Lights3:03
Total Album Time: 57:53

What’s the movie about?
The drama is about the young Stella Grant (Haley Lou Richardson), who wants to live like a normal girl. But due to her illness cystic fibrosis she spends most of her time in hospital. She has to follow strict rules in order to survive. One day she meets the charming Will Newman (Cole Sprouse) in the hospital. He is also a patient, but does not attach as much importance to his treatment as Stella. The two get closer, but for their own protection they have to keep a safe distance. The temptation to ignore the rules grows stronger every day…

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