Stand by Me Soundtrack

Each song is provided with a scene description and timestamp, as well as a full-length audio playback.

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Note: Below is a complete playlist of all 15 songs that can be heard in the movie “Stand by Me”. Some of these commercial songs are not included on the official soundtrack album but are used in the movie.

All 15 songs featured in “Stand by Me”:

Song:Listen on:
"Rockin' Robin" by Bobby Day
Timestamp: 0:02 | Scene: Radio DJ announces the song. Gordie climbs into the treehouse and plays cards with the guys. Verne enters with big news.
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"Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home)" by The Impalas
Timestamp: 0:03 | Scene: The guys sing the song in the treehouse as Verne struggles for breath.
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"Mr. Lee" by The Bobbettes
Timestamp: 0:04 | Scene: Still in the tree-house. Verne asks if the guys want to see a dead body.
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"The Ballad of Paladin" by Johnny Western
Timestamp: 0:14 | Scene: The guys sing together as they walk along the train tracks.
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"Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis
Timestamp: 0:18 | Scene: Ace plays mailbox baseball with the guys in the car.
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"Whispering Bells" by The Del Vikings
Timestamp: 0:20 | Scene: The guys sit in the junkyard and talk about tits. Gordie narrates.
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"Let the Good Times Roll" by Shirley Goodman and Leonard Lee
Timestamp: 0:22 | Scene: 2nd song in the scrapyard. Gordie loses the coin toss.
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"Book of Love" by The Monotones
Timestamp: 0:30 | Scene: The guys talk about girls as one gets cobras carved into his arm. The song is interrupted by a news break.
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"Lollipop" by The Chordettes
Timestamp: 0:31 | Scene: Plays on the radio as Ace and his friends sit by the car. Verne and Teddy sing along as they walk along the train tracks.
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"Everyday" by Buddy Holly
Timestamp: 0:35 | Scene: The guys continue along the train tracks until they reach a long bridge over the river.
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"Come Go with Me" by The Del Vikings
Timestamp: 0:39 | Scene: The guys sit around the fire toasting marshmallows.
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"Hush-a-Bye" by The Mystics
Timestamp: 0:57 | Scene: The guys walk along the tracks past a water tower. Gordie narrates.
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"Get a Job" by The Silhouettes
Timestamp: 0:59 | Scene: Billy and Charlie tell their friends the secret. Ace convinces them to come along.
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"Yakety Yak" by The Coasters
Timestamp: 1:06 | Scene: Ace and his friends race along side each other in the car. Ace refuses to pull over and forces a truck off the road.
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"Stand By Me" by Ben E. King
Timestamp: 1:20 | Scene: End credits.
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What’s the movie about?
After the death of one of his friends, a writer recounts a childhood journey with his friends to find the body of a missing boy.

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