Soundtrack: Hell or High Water

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Note: Below is a complete playlist of all 9 songs that can be heard in the movie “Hell or High Water”. Some of these commercial songs are not included on the official soundtrack album, but are used in the movie.

All 12 songs featured in “Hell or High Water”:

Song:Listen on:
Dollar Bill Blues - Townes van Zandt
Timestamp: 0:08 | Scene: Toby and his brother Tanner are on their way home after the robbery at the Midlands Bank.
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Dust of the Chase - Ray Wylie Hubbard
Timestamp: 0:14 | Scene: The brothers are driving through town. At the same time the policeman Marcus Hamiltion arrives at the bank which has been attacked.
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You Asked Me To - Waylon Jennings
Timestamp: 0:32 | Scene: Tanner sings this song in the car.
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Hate Me - Attila
Timestamp: 0:33 | Scene: The song can be heard during the petrol station scene.
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Blood, Sweat and Murder - Scott H. Biram
Timestamp: 0:35 | Scene: The brothers are at the casino in Oklahoma.
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Sleeping on the Blacktop - Colter Wall
Timestamp: 0:37 | Scene: Tanner plays poker. Toby meets a young woman in the casino bar.
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Bakerman - Laid Back
Timestamp: 0:40 | Scene: Toby is still talking to the woman in the bar. She asks him if he wants to sleep with her. But Tanner interrupts her conversation.
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Playing the Part - Jamey Johnson
Timestamp: 0:41 | Scene: The brothers are staying in a hotel.
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You Just Can't Beat Jesus Christ - Billy Joe Shaver
Timestamp: 0:49 | Scene: Marcus and Alberto are talking about the case.
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I'm Not Afraid to Die - Gillian Welch
Timestamp: 1:00 | Scene: The brothers are enjoying themselves.
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For the Love of God - Bellevue Suite
Timestamp: 1:10 | Scene: Marcus has this song played in the car after learning the whereabouts of the brothers.
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Outlaw State of Mind - Chris Stapleton
Timestamp: 1:38 | Scene: Song can be heard at the end of the movie. The credits follow.
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The original score of “Hell or High Water” includes 15 songs by the film composers „Nick Cave“ & „Warren Ellis“.

Comancheria (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis)2:05
Dollar Bill Blues (Townes Van Zandt)3:01
Mama's Room (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis)2:49
Dust of the Chase (Ray Wylie Hubbard)5:05
Texas Midlands (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis)2:02
Robbery (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis)3:26
You Ask Me To (Waylon Jennings)2:29
Mountain Lion Mean (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis)2:07
Sleeping On The Backtop (Colter Wall)3:12
From My Cold Dead Hands (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis)2:30
Lord of the Plains (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis)2:35
Blood, Sweat and Murder (Scott H. Biram)2:54
Casino (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis)1:50
Comancheria II (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis)1:49
Outlaw State Of Mind (Chris Stapleton)5:35
Total Album Time: 43:29

What’s the movie about?
The drama “Hell or High Water” is about the two brothers Toby Howard (Chris Pine) and Tanner (Ben Foster). Their deceased mother left them a lot of debts. Their family farm in Texas is at stake. The single father Toby wants to create a future for his children on the farm. So the brothers decide to rob some banks to settle the debts. Texas ranger Marcus (Jeff Bridges) and his partner Alberto (Gil Birmingham) get on the hunt. To turn themselves in or to get caught is not an option for Toby and Tanner…

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