The Equalizer Season 2 Soundtrack: All songs with scene descriptions

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Listen to all songs from the second season of the CBS show The Equalizer. A complete playlist.

Every song from the episodes released so far is equipped with a scene description, a time stamp and an audio sample. In the 2nd season of The Equalizer 2 songs can be heard.

Season 2 – Episode 1


Song:Listen on:
the ground below (Royal Jewels Mix) - Run The Jewels Feat. Royal Blood
Timestamp: 0:03 | Scene: The theme song of the series can be heard. (Opening credits)
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Old Man - Neil Young
Timestamp: 0:20 | Scene: Harry plays the guitar and sings this song. Shortly after that he is talking to Melody.
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This article about the “The Equalizer” soundtrack on CBS will be updated as the series progresses.

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