Soundtrack: Squared Love

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Note: Below is a complete playlist of all 8 songs that can be heard in the Netflix Film “Squared Love”. Some of these commercial songs are not included on the official soundtrack album, but are used in the movie.

All 8 songs featured in “Squared Love”:

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Fire - Barns Courtney
Timestamp: 0:00 | Scene: Song can be heard at the beginning of the film. A man is dancing on a bridge. A model is photographed on a pier. A man dances in his house and takes off his clothes. He lies down in the bed where his dog Willie is already lying.
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Oh My Way - Hael
Timestamp: 0:02 | Scene: Monika gets into a car. She is driven home. At home, she takes off her wig and removes her fake eyelashes. She also removes her contact lenses.
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Chichot Losu - Setus
Timestamp: 0:19 | Scene: Enzo takes a cab to his brother's house.
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My Heart Goes Boom - Miss Li
Timestamp: 1:06 | Scene: Monika (Klaudia) hides from Zofia behind a car. Monika returns to her apartment and changes her clothes again.
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Perfect Combination - Hael
Timestamp: 1:11 | Scene: Monika is changing in the car. She dresses up as Klaudia and heads off to the photo shoot.
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Raspberry Love - The Majority Says
Timestamp: 1:18 | Scene: Monika and Enzo dancing in the rain. Monika kisses Enzo at the bus stop.
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The Lotto - Ingrid Michelson & AJR
Timestamp: 1:37 | Scene: Enzo and Monika run down the stairs. They get into Monika's car. In the car they kiss.
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I'm Having Fun And I Like It - Duncan Townsend

What’s the movie about?
A journalist and well-known womanizer begins to rethink his life choices after falling in love with a mysterious model who leads a double life.

13 thoughts on “Soundtrack: Squared Love”

  1. Im looking for that one song too. Its not even at the end of the movie showed. Tryed apps to recognize it, but without success 🙁 If someone knows, please share with us 🙂

  2. And I’m looking for the song that starts around the 15th minute mark where the two main characters kissed each other in a black car while filming a commercial ! Help please

    • Its been really tough to find. Have spent an hour on searching for it, but won’t give up. I shall keep trying, Heidi and Arbaaz! Amazing song

    • I am looking for this exact same song! Please somebody help us. When they kissed in the black car while shooting their first commercial together. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP

  3. I really need tour help, i need to know the name of the song on minute (1:26:37) please, i’m looking your songs too, if i know the names i will let you know


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